Kate Bollinger Obituary
Contributed by Jody Doran & B.J. Kemme

   Found Dead on the Ice

Elderly Lady Falls Back of Barn


Was out feeding her stock and never got back to the house again.  Was found by
her young grandson. Last Friday night after returning from school seven years old Clifford, son of
Walter Tucker went back of the barn and discovered his grandmother Mrs. Kate
Bollinger, with whom he was making his home lying on the ice dead. The little man
immediately summoned his neighbors and a doctor was called, but all to no avail, for she
had evidently been dead for some time. The lady was 64 years of age and had suffered a stroke
some time previous. The funeral was conducted last Sunday Afternoon by Rev. T. D. Denman from the farm
residence in Allis and interment made in the Allis Cemetery. � Onaway Newspaper 1916