Belknap Cemetery
Belknap Township
Contributed by: B.J. Kemme

Section 5, Klee Road about � Mile North of W. Ristow Highway. This cemetery is old and is no longer used. Some one does keep it cut but trees and brush have taken over parts of it. Last walked August 2001

Barabas, Fredericke Sept. 5, 1855 - Dec. 16, 1913"Seine Frau"(His wife)(Shares stone with Gustav)
Bababas, GustavJuly 31, 1853 - May 10, 1924(Shares stone with Fredericke)
Dietz, Frederick1987 - 1891"Father" (Shares stone with Wilamina, William, & Baby Boy)
Dietz, Wilamina1839 - 1919"Mother" (Shares stone with Frederick, William, & Baby Boy)
Dietz, William1870 - 1892"Son" (Shares stone with Frederick, William, & Baby Boy)
Dietz, Baby Boy 1912"Grandson" (Shares stone with Frederick, Wilamina, & William)
Grauherr, Edwin 1894 - 1903Shares stone with Wilhelmina, JOhn, & Norbert
Grauherr, John1853 - 1932Shares stone with Wilhelmina, Edwin & Norbert
Grauherr, Norbert1900 - 1901Shares stone with John, Wilhelmina, & Edwin
Grauherr, Wilhelmina1857 - 1937Shares stone with John, Edwin, & Norbert
John(?), Arline1845 - 1923(Shares cement slab with Ernest)
John(?), Ernest1821 - 1913(Shares cement slab with Arline)
Pauly, Ferdinand1844 - 1898"Father" (Shares stone with Wilhelmina)
Pauly, Wilhelmina1854 - 1935"Mother" (Shares stone with Ferdinand)

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