Bell Cemetery
Presque Isle Township

This cemetery is off Besser Bay Road. To find it, go about half way down Besser Bay Road and find the first 2 track to the right. Follow the track and it will take you directly to it. It is located near the power lines. The path goes between the two parts of the cemetery. It has a wooden fence around both sections and is very peaceful as it lies in the forest.

Although this cemetery hasn't been used in well over 100 years and most grave sites can no longer been seen, there are wooden crosses to mark some of the gravesides. Over the entrance to the cemetery is the sign "Bell Cemetery 1870-1989 Restoration by Presque Isle Lions Pres. D. Johnson Baugh Besser Manufacturing George Stevens Coordinator Judy Kimball.

One headstone has the following information on it
Front Side
John Charboneau
Mary Charboneau
Basil Charboneau
Albert Falhoun
Mary Riley
2 Riley Boys
Mary Clark*
John Clark
Burnham Boy
LaComb Infant
Patrick Riley
2 LaBlanc Boys
Josephine Prestege
.. ..
One headstone has the following information on it
Back Side
Antoine Laracque
John Laracque
Susan Laracque
Laracque Infant
Theodore White
Rabitea Boy
Unknown others
.. ..
Clark, Mary Died April 29, 1887 Aged 1 year 10 months 5 days "Only sleeping" "No pains, no grief, no anxious fear can reach our loved one sleeping here" "Alpena Monument Works" This is the only original headstone still standing.

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