Black Mountain Ski Run
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook March 6, 2015

Caption: A group of men and boys clearing the first ski run. Note the conservation tree planting sign on the left. The two young boys are probably somewhere in the area. Does anyone know them?
Caption: Pouring concrete for the clubhouse Nov. 15, 1956. Pictures come from the Lawrence Post family.
In 1956 a group of businessmen from Onaway, Cheboygan and Rogers City got together and made plans to build a ski run on Black Mountain.
Work began in November of 1956. The first downhill run was cleared and the clubhouse was started on Nov. 15, 1956.
A few of the names that come to mind are Harold Ireland, Gray Harman, Mike Sherwood and Lance McGinn.
Morford and Doug Harman did a lot of snowplowing at the clubhouse. I can remember eating at the clubhouse on one of my few trips there. I spent time on the mountain at a younger age with my Dad in the Owen Fire Tower and lived at the conservation fire tower cabin. We were there for three summers, not knowing that my playground would someday become a ski run.
About the time the ski run was in full swing, I was spending three years with Uncle Sam.
From the Onaway Outlook, March 6, 2015 page 3.
Retyped by J. Anderson

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