Totem Pole Tales- Pictures from the Civilian Conservation Corps
Camps in the area
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook December 27, 2013

Caption 1: THE FIRE tower cabin at Twin Lakes built by the Camp Black Lake crew.  This was later purchased by the 
Badgero family and moved south of Onaway to use as a hunting camp.
width="800" Caption 2: DAVE GREENE'S crew building Twin Lakes Road in 1936.
width="800" Caption 3: CAMP BLACK LAKE'S truck No. 77-S.
width="800" Caption 4: A CREW of Presque from the Pigeon River camp cutting ice at Ford Lake near the Pigeon River headquarters.
width="800" Caption 5: A CREW from the Pigeon River camp planting trees in the Pigeon River area in 1937.
width="800" Caption 6: A CREW peeling logs at the Presque Isle headquarters in 1938.
width="800" --Onaway Outlook December 27, 2013 pg. 7. Retyped by J.Anderson.

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