The Crew of the Cedarville
Submitted by B.J. Kemme
October 25, 2008

Cedarville sank May 7, 1965 about 10:00 a. m..  It had left Rogers City at
4:30 a. m.loaded with limestone and headed for Gary, Indiana. Due to fog the Cedarville collided
with the Norwegian freighter M. V. Topdalsfjord in the Straits of Mackinaw.
The captain of the Cedarville was Captain Martin Joppich.
The German ship Weissenburg helped rescue the sailors. The ten who died:William B. Asam Wheelsman Rogers CityWilbert W. Bredow Steward Rogers CityArthur J. Fuhrman Deckwatch Rogers CityCharles H. Cook 3rd Mate Rogers City Stanley Haske Wheelsman Rogers CityEugene F. Jones Stokerman Rogers City(body was never found)Edmund H. Jungman Watchman FrederickFrank. Donald Lamp Chief Engineer Rogers City Reinhold Frederick Radtke 3rd Asst. Engineer Rogers CityHugh Wingo Oiler Rogers City10 women were widowed and 31 children left without a father25 survivors were:Harry H. Bey 1st Ass. Engineer Rogers CityRobert G. Bingle Wheelsman Rogers CityEdward Brewster Watchman Rogers CityAgnus E. Domke Watchman Rogers CityElmer H. Emke Deckhand PosenDave M. Erickson Porter Rogers CityWilliam J. Friedhoff Oiler Rogers CityLeonard T. Gabryziak Wheelsman Rogers CityBilly R. Holley Stokerman Posen Michael J. Idalski 2nd Asst. Engineer Rogers CityElmer Jarvis Asst. Conveyerman OcqueocCaptain Martin E. Joppich Master Rogers CityJerome Kierzek Porter Rogers CityJames G. Lietzow Repairman Rogers CityArthur Martin 2nd Cook Rogers CityHarry Piechan Mate Rogers CityRonald Piechan Conveyerman Rogers CityPrzybyla, Ralph A. Oiler Rogers CityLarry D. Richard Deckhand Rogers CityAnthony Rosmys Stokeman PosenStanley Rygwelski 1st Mate Rogers CityWalter Tulgetske First Asst. Engineer Rogers CityIvan Traflet Watchman MillersburgThanks to David M. Erickson and the Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum
in Rogers City for helping to compile this list.

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