The Circus Comes to Onaway 1907
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Presque Isle County Advance and Onaway Outlook
April 30, 2015

CAPTION: "Street from Gumms Store Looking East Onaway Mich"
Looking east from the corner of Pine State streets we see a parade of animals that are not common to the streets of Onaway. The parade of circus animals came from the Detroit and Mackinac (D & M) Railroad, where Third Street crosses the tracks. The animals came to Onaway on the D & M Railroad. The circus crew would set up the big tent and all of the side shows. When the work was done, the owners would parade down the main street to advertise the show. Looking closely we can see an adult and a baby elephant, two camels, a water buffalo and several horses following along. The stores on the left are Gumm's, Wrights, Chaney Funeral Home, Jakie Berlin's and the Colonial Hotel.
From the Presque Isle County Advance and Onaway Outlook, April 30, 2015 page 9B.
Retyped by J. Anderson

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