Totem Pole Tales- Remembering the old company store
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook June 13, 2014

Caption : The Great Lakes Garment Company workers May 12, 1944.   At this time the girls were making Navy
fatigue pants.  Mary Cope is fourth girl from the left on the bottom row. Ray Beauregard is on the far right
on the top row.  John Smith is the fourth man from the right on the bottom row and Myrtle Perkins is fifth
from the right top row.  Others we know that are in the picture are Mildred Hoffmeyer, Flora Ellenberger, 
Mildred Everingham, Alice Smith, Pat Tate, Goldi Willey, Mini Smith, Lora Porter, Thelma Banantyne, Dorothy
Diamond and Alice McClary.  Last names only that are listed are Milligan, Decker, McCreey, Gaudette, Morgan, 
LaForest, Arnold, Hilliker, McMullen, Styes, Ormsbee and Porter.
width="800" In 1940 a Hillsdale company became interested in revitalizing the industry. The Onaway businessmen raised enough money to buy the garment building.
The city issued bonds in the sum of $20,000 to repair the building and install a new boiler with the understanding that the Hillsdale people would employ up to 175 employees.
The company moved on in two years without saying goodbye.
In 1943 the Great Lakes Garment Company of Chicago was given a favorable lease to encourage them to come to Onaway. Again the city spent several thousand dollars on the building to meet the company's requests. This company stayed until 1952.
In 1953 the building was leased to the Jolly Kids Garment Company for $50 per month. A fire in July of 1958 ended the life of Lobdell's company store.
From the Onaway Outlook, June 13, 2014, page 4.
Retyped by J. Anderson

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