's Totem Pole Tales- Cryderman School
Totem Pole Tales- Cryderman School
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook October 4, 2013

   CAPTION: CRYDERMAN-PORTER SCHOOL.  Back from left, Maynard Dickerson, Earl Sume, ? Hazel, Walters Russell,
Grace Burns, Archie Porter, Vera (DeYoung) Pisintelli, Elaine (Porter) Collins, teacher Emma (Comfort) Porter
and John O'Connell.  Middle from left, ? Springs, Anna (Porter) Neal, Frank O'Connell, ? Springs, Mitchell
O'Connell, Glen Cryderman, Sam O'Connell, Richard Pincombe, Raymond Burns, ? Springs, Floyd Porter, Bill 
Comfort and Gordon Pincombe.  Front from left, Anna (O'Connell) Dreft, Catherine (DeYoung) Janieki, Mary
(O'Connell) Dreft, Boyd Burns, ? Sume, Howard Porter, Eunice Burns, Julia (Prow) LeCureux, ? Sume, Donna
(Comfort) Wilkinson, Steve O'Connell and Vivian (Comfort) Monti.
width="600" The Cryderman School was in Allis Township in Sec 12, T.34N-R.2E. This school was also called the Porter School in some of the records and by some of the people I interviewed.
This school was built on land purchased from Bert Smith. It sat on the east side of the Porter Road between the Cryderman farms. Pearl Cryderman helped build this school.
Some of the teachers were Floyd Chowen, Emma (Comfort) Porter, Emma (Koepke) Gray and Ray Swank. Ray was remembered as playing his guitar for the students. Some of the students were Arnold Porter, Howard Porter, Susie Porter, Glen Cryderman, Phil O'Connell, Jay DeYoung, Elaine Porter, Verne Dickerson, Bernice Harrison, Archie Porter, Evelyn Porter, Eunice Burns, Anna Porter, Glen Cryderman, Maynard Dickerson, Mike O'Connell, Thelma Porter, Inez Smith, Myrtle Bessie, Ralph Morley, Beatrice Linsley and Roy Thompson.
Sometime after this school was closed it was sold to the Adventist Church and moved to the corner of 3 Mile Highway and M-33 to be used as a school. Leroy Moser lives on this site now.
A high wind storm or "twister," as the news called it, moved through this area and traveled in a northeast direction, going across the school's original location and leaving some debris from the school on the original site.
Glen Cryderman told me that the kids started riding the bus to Onaway in 1936. While talking to Glen, one thing that stood out in his mind was that they had lots of bean soup for their lunches.
-From The Onaway Outlook, October 4, 2013, p. 3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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