Frank's Sunoco Service Ad from 1966 and Flag Proclamation
From Presque Isle County Advance and Onaway Outlook
Feb. 11, 2016

CAPTION: Left is an ad from 50 years ago. In other news that week, Onaway Mayor William Comfort signed a proclamation encouraging residents to fly American Flags, "every day on every home" in the city of Onaway as a symbol of support for "our gallant fighting men overseas, be they in Vietnam or elsewhere." It was in response to demonstrations in the country, while 150,000 soldiers were serving in Vietnam. The proclamation states that some soldiers were perplexed and saddened over the displays in the states. "Many of those GIs are from our state, our county and our Onaway community." The mayor and Onaway city commission promoted greater recognition, appreciation and support be given by folks at home. "A display of Old Glory on homes throughout America would provide some measure of aid and comfort to our men in Vietnam." In other headlines members of the Industrial Development Corporation were going to meet with a clothing manufacturer from Bay City about re-opening the clothing factory. Onaway News, February 10, 1966.
From the The Presque Isle County Advance Feb. 11, 2016 page 7B.
Retyped by J. Anderson

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