Totem Pole Tales- Grace Harbor School
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook February 7, 2014

Caption #1: THE SECOND Grace Harbor School.  This picture is from Bonnie Materna's collection.
Caption #2: STANDING IN FRONT of the old schoolhouse at Grace Harbor around 1900, where the D & C boats used to come in, are schoolmaster William Kitchen, Louise Bruder, Susan and Katherine Isaacs, Hattie Geddard, Sarah Pennman and Mary Morrell. Seated are Edith Fulton Scott, George Morrell, Roy Fulton, Stanley Cross, Rose Morrell and Fred Geddard.
width="600" The Grace Harbor School was located in T37N, R2W, Sec. 1, of Bearinger Township. We have a very nice picture of the first Grace Harbor School with teacher and students. We also have a picture of the second Grace Harbor School. We find that the Grace Harbor settlement on the shores of Lake Huron was short-lived once the timber in the surrounding area was depleted.
The information from the first picture shows that this picture was taken some 113 years ago.
--Onaway Outlook February 7, 2014 pg. 3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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