Totem Pole Tales-Annibil, Gillett's, Manning's and Harold Grainger's Super Market
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook June 15, 2012

Caption: Pictured left to right.  First one unknown, Leona Petchell, Lorne Manning, Belle Barden, Opal (Barden) Willis, 
Clarissa (Riley) Fitzpatrick and Nellie (Wilton) Starr.
width="600" This store has seen many changes, faces and businesses over the years. At one time the second story, on the east side of the building, contained seven apartments. Harold and Hazel Grainger opened a meat market in the east part of the store. Some time later they were joined by Art and Sylvia Grainger, and at that time they added groceries to the store. We now had a supermarket. Art and Sylvia lived in the upstairs apartments.
Art and Sylvia later bought Aubrey's Cream business on State and First Street and opened their business.
Back to the meat market, apartments, supermarket and restaurant, we are not sure of when the apartments were removed from the east half of the business.
At some point in time, Harold put an addition on the back of the store that housed a garment factory. This was before Rudy David build his garment factory on out to Elsden Street. At this time we had both factories running at once. Between this factory and The Jolly Kids Garment Company Store, there were over 100 employees.
Over the years some of the meat cutters employed by Grainger's were their son Howard, Bill Sunderland, Walt Martin, Jake Sunderland, Harley Fales, Bernie Peterson, Albert Arnold, Ted Skinner and Wes Chapman. We know more could be added to this list.
Some clerks were Mrs. Lonsdale, Alice Willett, Madeline Morgan and Hazel Grainger.
Harold and Hazel sold the store to Chancy Bobier and Roy Bailey who ran the store for a few years.
Now for the west side of the store. As this week's picture shows us, Nellie (Wilton) Starr was running the Blue Plate Lunch Room at the same time Manning's were in business.
The next restaurant owners were the Conklin's who called it the Black Lake Restaurant. They also owned the Harbor Light Bar, known to me as the "Minnie Hole." Joyce Sunderson was the next owner, followed by Charlie Kesselring, then Art Potts, then Hazel Hackney's Cafe, and then Marian Seneff's restaurant.
The Onaway Chamber of Commerce had offices there, and meals were cooked there and delivered to senior citizens in our area.
I had a nice chat with cousin Harold Grainger who helped me out with some of the names and information. Thanks Howard.
Does anyone know where the Pickle Station was?
-Onaway Outlook, June 15, 2012, p.3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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