Onaway Death Certificates
Contributed by Janet Anderson & B.J. Kemme

October 29, 1919 Coburn, Gettie Beckwell f w wd       52y7m28d Onaway unknown-found dead in bed; body still warm; no marks of violence on body; undoubtedly heart disease Galesburg, MI sales lady Ezra Beckwith OH Amelia Anderson Albion, NY Galesburg, MI November 1, 1919 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Mrs. J. Warnoch  
June 29, 1922 Codde, Gwendolen f w s       3hrs Onaway congenital malformation Onaway, MI   Harry A. Codde MI Margaret St. Clair Canada Elmwood Cem. June 30, 1922 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum H. A. Codde  
February 10, 1966 Cody, Catherine Elizabeth f w wd Charles E. Cody   September 27, 1881 84y4m14d Onaway coronary occlusion; coronary thrombosis; coronary arteriosclerosis; cardiac decompensation Springfield, NY housewife Elanson Murgittroyd unknown unknown unknown Elmwood Cem. February 13, 1966 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Frances Hutchinson  
April 22, 1917 Cody, Steven m w m       72y9m18d Onaway death occurred -old age; no attending physician Canada common laborer Joseph Cody Canada Ester Rogers Canada Millersburg, Case Twp. PI Co., MI April 24, 1917 J. LaBonneville, health officer E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Stephen Cody  
April 6, 1912 Coffin, Edward m w m       48y3m11d Onaway tuberculosis OH telegraph operator Henry Coffin OH Mary Bunting OH Fowler, MI April 9, 1912 Dr. V. W. Shirley I. J. Barnett Ruby Coffin  
June 16, 1905 Cogleton, Unnamed f w s     June 16, 1905 0y0m0d Allis Twp stillborn Allis Twp., PI Co., MI   Freeman Cogleton MI Rhoda Collins Canada Allis Cemetery June 16, 1905 Dr. D. C. Howell none    
February 25, 1965 Cole, Valerie Sue f w s     December 14, 1962 2y2m11d Onaway terminal bronchopneumonial; metastatic neuroblastoma lungs; neuroblastoma with metastatic from mediastinum Onaway, MI   Glenn Cole unknown Phyliss(?) Bobier unknown Elmwood Cem., February 27, 1965 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Dr. D. E. Finch  
November 24, 1961 Collette, Alfred m w m Marion/Marian(?) Collette   December 1, 1892 68y11m23d Onaway terminal bronchopneumonia; toxic reaction; bronchogenic carcinoma lung MA retired factory worker Ernest Collette unknown M. Dauphinais(?) unknown Elmwood Cem. November 26, 1961 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Marion/Marian(?) Collette Armed Services on 2/25/1910;
May 28, 1905 Collins, David m w m   12yrs. February 1842 63y3m21d Allis Twp Starvation as result of stricture of esophagus Canada farmer Alexander Collins Ontario, Canada Hannah Bolton Canada Allis Cemetery May 29, 1905 Dr. D. C. Howell none   Burial was in South Allis (Hillcrest Cemetery)
February 16, 1920 Comfort, Shirley Jean f w s       1y10m21d Onaway whooping cough; labor pneumonia Onaway, MI   Geo. Henry Comfort NY Emma Stewart Ludington, MI Elmwood Cem. February 18, 1920 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Geo. Comfort  
July 3, 1915 Comfort, unnamed m w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn Onaway, MI   George Comfort NY Surme Stewert MI Elmwood Cem. July 4, 1915 Dr. L. C. Kent E. K. Shirtum Geo. Comfort  
January 12, 1945 Comfort, William Austus m w m Lillian Comfort (age 46 yrs)   February 2, 1894 50y11m10d Onaway cerebral apoplexy, hypertension, cardiac valvular disease Batavia, NY laborer L. C. Comfort Canada Mary Beecher NY Elmwood Cem. January 15, 1945 Dr. C. A. Carpenter Harold M. Karr Lillian Comfort Veteran of WWI
September 30, 1909 Congleton, Freeman Clarr m w s   33 10/4/1909-death date is prior to birth date 0y1m3d Allis malnutrition Allis Twp., PI Co., MI   Freeman Congleton MI Rhoda Collins MI Allis October 4, 1909 Dr. L. C. Kent Asa Buttler    
December 27, 1909 Congleton, Ray m w s     October 13, 1906 3y2m14d Allis diphtheria MI   Freeman Congleton MI Rhoda Collins Canada Allis January 7, 1910 Dr. David A. Hatt H. F. Preston    
May 9, 1962 Conklin, Mary f w m Roy Conklin   September 4, 1884 77y8m5d Onaway terminal bronchopneumonia; cerebral vascular accident; hypertensive heart disease MI housewife John Healey unknown unknown unknown South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) May 12, 1962 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Roy Conklin  
February 25, 1952 Conklin, Rupert Russell m w ?     October 30, 1875 76y Onaway coronary arterial thrombosis, coronary arteriosclerosis, anemia Clinton, CT pensioner John Conklin unknown Myrtie Canfield unknown Forest Lawn Cem., Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI February 28, 1952 Dr. D. E. Finch Emmett R. Moore Vivian  
March 29, 1961 Conmory(?), John m w wd Alice Conmory   March 5, 1867 94y0m24d Onaway metastastic Ca. liver & bone; prostatic carcinoma MI city worker unknown Conmory unknown unknown unknown Forest Lawn Cem., Saginaw, MI April 1, 1961 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon William Stevenson  
October 14, 1908 Contway, Mary Evelyn f w s       0y3m3d Onaway Ileocolitis MI   Jno. Contway Canada Mary Ellen McGowan MI Allis October 15, 1908 Dr. L. C. Kent I. J. Barnett Irene Carpenter  
January 8, 1917 Cook, Orvil Nicolis m w s       1y9m25d Onaway labor pneumonia MI   Llewellyn Cook MI Lena Comfort MI Elmwood Cem. January 8, 1917 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Llewellyn Cook  
December 2, 1941 Corder, Elizabeth Jane f w m John Corder (age 76 yrs)   December 25, 1861 79y11m7d Onaway coronary occlusion, generalized arteriosclerosis NY housewife Richard Van Orden NY unknown unknown Petoskey, MI December 4, 1941 Dr. H. G. Slade E. K. Shirtum John Corder  
September 20, 1946 Corder, John m w m Eliza Corder (age 60 yrs)   June 12, 1864 82y3m8d Onaway arteriosclerosis Lincoln, OH retired unknown unknown unknown unknown Greenwood Cem. Petoskey, MI September 23, 1946 Dr. G. H. Wood Harold M. Karr Mrs. Eliza Corder  
November 25, 1916 Corey, Walter Cunningham m w m       37y5m19d Onaway hemorrhage from internal jugular vein and carotid artery; instantaneous-accident at the sawmill. WI sawyer Rufus Corey unknown Catherine Priest unknown Elmwood Cem. November 28, 1916 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Walter Corey  
April 5, 1910 Cory, Theo Russell m w s       0y2m15d Onaway labor pneumonia MI   Walter Cory WI Lydia Moore Canada Elmwood Cem. April 7, 1910 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett Walter Cory  
February 16, 1912 Cory, unnamed f w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn MI   Walter C. Cory WI Lydia Moore Canada Elmwood Cem. February 16, 1912 Dr. David A. Hatt I. J. Barnett Walter C. Cory  
November 6, 1923 Counter, Dorthey f w s       2y0m0d Onaway entrictis (enteritis?) Vanderbilt, MI   John Counter MI Vivian Rivers MI Elmwood Cem. November 8, 1923 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum John Counter  
February 17, 1920 Course, Gladys Maxine f w s       0y8m20d Onaway bronchitis; influenza Onaway, MI   Chas. Course England Iris Jane Clifton England Elmwood Cem. February 19, 1920 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Chas. Course  
May 21, 1921 Course, Hazel f w s       6y9m23d Onaway diphtheria Onaway, MI   Chas. Course England Iris June Clifton England Elmwood Cem. May 21, 1921 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Chas. Course  
August 15, 1913 Cowan, Buhl m w s       0y3m11d Onaway cholera infantum with decided cerebral symptoms, oatmeal diet Onaway, MI   A. E. Cowan ME Ada Waldsen MI Elmwood Cem. August 16, 1913 Dr. David A. Hatt I. J. Barnett Mrs. E. Tarzwell  
August 23, 1906 Cox, Allen m w m       24y7m Onaway pulmonary tuberculosis MI hotel keeper James D. Cox Canada Huldah Franks OH Rogers City, MI Cem. August 25, 1906 Dr. D. C. Howell P. K. Kimball    
November 24, 1903 Cox, George m w s     July 22, 1884 19y4m0d Onaway typhoid fever OH laborer Geo. Cox Canada Hattie Wolcott Canada South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) November 26, 1903 Dr. L. C. Kent I. J. Barnett    
June 4, 1909 Cox, James Allen m w s       4y6m0d Onaway asthenia following diphtheria MI   Allen D. Cox MI Emma St. John MI St. Paul's Cem June 6, 1909 Dr. L. C. Kent I. J. Barnett Emma V. Cox  
May 8, 1923 Cox, James D. m w m       62y9m23d Onaway apoplexy Canada laborer John Cox England Ellen Duffie Canada St. Paul's Cem. no date Dr. A. C. Huebner E. K. Shirtum Sid Cox  

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