1966- Onaway Airport Improvements Studied - Ad for Onaway Sport's Shop - Labrador Puppy Bit by Rabid Skunk
From Presque Isle County Advance and Onaway Outlook
September 22, 2016

CAPTION: Prospective bidders were to meet with Presque Isle County supervisor Roy Dueltgen and Lansing engineer Darrel Browney at the Onaway Airport to look over an improvement project that was calling for the clear, grading and turfing of 1,000 feet of northwest extension to the NW-SE landing strip. It was planned to start in October 1966. Bids were advertised and were to be received in Lansing on Sept. 29. In other Onaway News, Miss Jean Reynolds had a busy and frustrating week. Her Labrador puppy was cornered by a skunk in a pile of blocks and badly bitten. Jean and her mother killed the skunk with a mop, according to a front-page story in the Sept. 22, 1996 edition. It was later learned that the skunk had rabies, so at the advice of a Petoskey veterinarian, the puppy was put down.
From the The Presque Isle County Advance September 22, 2016 page 7B.
Retyped by J. Anderson

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