's Totem Pole Tales- Millersburg Orangeman's Parade
Totem Pole Tales- Millersburg Orangeman's Parade
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook September 13, 2013

     People in Northern Ireland annually celebrate Orangemen's Day to commemorate the Battle of Boyne, which
occurred on Ireland's east coast in 1690.  It is a bank holiday July 12 and often features marchers.  The
Battle of Boyne has been seen as symbolic of the sectarian struggles between Catholics and Protestants in 
Ireland.  King James was seen as representing the Catholics and Prince William was seen to represent the
Protestants.  This gave the Battle of the Boyne an important symbolic role in Irish politics and life.  
However modern analysis of documents from that time suggests that Catholics and Protestants fought on both
July 12, 1906 Onaway Interlake Millersburg filled with visitors Thursday, Orange and Purple largely in attendance.
Millersburg people celebrated Thursday, July 12 as Orangeman's Day, and the place was filled with people; visitors and home people. Over 300 went from Onaway and the train from below brought in many people, others driving in, 'til the streets were well-filled. The program was a long one and included games of all kinds.
In the running board jump and the hop, step and jump, Will Weeds, of the city, carried off the honors. The Heric Pony also won the running race. The ballgame was the great feature of the afternoon, the opposing team being Harrisville on one side and a composite team composed of players from Millersburg, Rogers, Onaway and Tower on the other.
Drunckenmiller and Reed of Rogers City were the battery and they did great work. Reed also leading in the heavy hitting, County treasurer Hoeft played left field for the Presque Isle team. George Trescotte was the Onaway representative on the team. As a ballgame, there were times when it was a good one. As a rag-chewing contest it was a good one all the time. The first three innings were all blanks and showed good ball playing. Then Harrisville, through some errors, made two scores. Along in the fifth and sixth there was a general kick on both sides at the decisions of the umpires and it looked like for a time as thought the game would be stopped. Finally it was resumed by putting the game back a notch and playing a part of it over. In the sixth inning, Harrisville went up in the air and Presque Isle scored six runs. Two more were gathered in later. In the eighth Harrisville got one, but when another decision displeased them, the captain and manager called their men from the field and quit, claiming that they could not get a fair deal.
As a whole the celebration was a success and Millersburg people have reason to feel proud over it. The crowd was all they could ask or expect, money was spent freely, the county candidates were well represented and everything went well.
The evening trains brought the greater part of the Onaway visitors home but there were some who missed the train and stayed all night.
-From The Onaway Outlook, September 13, 2013, p. 3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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