1967 - Brewbaker's Holds Sale on Philco Products...and...PFC Thomas E. DuBois Calls Relatives From Vietnam
From Presque Isle County Advance and Onaway Outlook
January 19, 2017

CAPTION: There was a sale at Brewbaker's! This one was going on 50 years ago this week involving Philco products, a 23-inch television and a 16.1 cubic feet refrigerator-freezer. Anyone still owning one of these products knows they never quit working. Brewbaker's was selling the fridge for $196.88 and the television at $188.88, with trade. In other Onaway News, PFC Thomas E. DuBois delighted relatives with a call from Vietnam, during a time when he was enjoying five days of rest. DuBois was in a demolition reconnaissance special force team at Tay Ninh where he had been stationed for six months. He took part in two major battles.
From the The Presque Isle County Advance January 19, 2017 page 7B.
Retyped by J. Anderson

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