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PINOT, XAVIER b. 1824 France d. 1896 Michigan at 72 yearsPINOT, MARGARET, wife b. France 1825 d. Michigan at 75 yearsPINOT, CHARLES, son b. 1867 France  d.  ?Xavier and Margaret Pinot are buried on what was once their
property in Ocqueoc Twp. formerly Bearinger Twp., This is
located approximately 9/10 mile west of Ocqueoc Rd. on Glawe
Hwy. north side of the road near the river.Concerning the death of Xavier Pinot, Mrs. Amelia Talbot was
on her way to visit Mrs. Pinot when she heard a shot, looked
and saw Mr. Pinot with half his face gone. Before she could
do or say anything there was another shot, Mr. Pinot had shot
himself to death. The rumors in the neighborhood were that
Mr. Pinot was despondent over the actions of his son. Mrs.
Talbot once got in an argument with Mrs. Pinot, lost the
argument, flipped her skirt, stuck her nose in the air and
went home. Pinot's and Talbot's lived walmost directly across
the road from each other. Talbot's was sold to her brother,
Ferdinand and Pinot's was sold to Amelia's sister, Wilhemlmina
and her husband, Julius Wemert.The above related to me by J. Edward Chaskey, son of Amelia Bruder Talbot Chaskey.Charles Pinot fought with his father and left, purchasing a
plot of land 4 miles away in Silver Creek, where he built a
small house and blacksmith ship. However, the story goes
that he continued to steal grain etc. from his parents and
for that reason he was known in the neighborhood as "Cheater"
Pinot. 1900 census has him living alone in Bearinger Twp. as
head of house, born in 1867 and immigrated to this country at
age 8 in 1875.The above related to me by David S. Merchant Sr. as told to him
by his mother, Annie Curtindale Merchant, who lived nearly
across the road from Charles Pinot in Silver Creek.In 1900 most of what is now Ocqueoc Twp. was at that time Bearinger Twp.Margaret Pinot died of natural causes in 1900 before the census was taken that year.This concludes the Legend of the Pinot's in Presque Isle County
Michigan.Barbara J. Merchant 7/27/1992

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