The Rainey Bridge
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Presque Isle County Advance and Onaway Outlook
June 25, 2015

CAPTION:Raner River, Black Lake, Onaway, Mich.
Looking north from last week's picture at another one of our postcards one can see the beautiful Iron Bridge that crossed the Rainey and went past Rivers End, our grandparents cabin. The road is now called Chapman Drive. One can see the 55 gallon drums full of cement that was the support for the bridge. This bridge replaced a wooden bridge that first crossed the Rainey. Take note of the spelling on the postcard. Like some of our other postcards of the Rainey, it is spelled Raner River. Some of my fondest memories is watching my Grandpa Wes, cast a pikeminnow across the river with an old metal rod and a level wind reel that you stopped with your thumb, while standing on one of the Bridge Pillars.
From the Presque Isle County Advance and Onaway Outlook, June 25, 2015 page 7B.
Retyped by J. Anderson

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