Totem Pole Tales- Glawe School
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook January 10, 2014

Caption:  STUDENTS on the front steps of the second Glawe School. Back row from left, Temple Kerr, teacher
Nettie (Frier) Doolittle, Pearl Kerr, Eva Gaffney, Dora Glawe and Hesper Doolittle.  Second row, no names.
Front from left, Fred Domke, unknown, Domke boys, twins Nina and Nora Minier and the last five are unknown.
width="800" As we sort through our Ocqueoc school information and pictures, we find that when one-room schoolhouses were closed in Ocqueoc and the students bused to Onaway, most of the Ocqueoc school records were sent to the Clarke Historical Library.
When one goes to the Web site to look at the records, one only finds summary information.
The inclusive dates are 1884 to 1964 and undated. The extent is approximately 4 cubic feet in three boxes, 82 oversized volumes, and two folders of information.
The school records are open for research but you cannot access them online.
The record documents the history of the school, students, and teachers in Ocqueoc Township, with school district record books, teacher's daily attendance and scholarship record books.
Financial records, and student report and health related cards are also in the collection.
School documented in the collection include, Crow Dam, Glawe, Godin, Gordon, Hammond Bay, Moltke Township, Union District, Vilburn, Silver Creek, Ocqueoc Unit and Ocqueoc Township.
Moltke Township, Union District and Ocqueoc Township had never surfaced in any of my school research.
Another bit of information has Case Township Schools included from 1884 to 1964. It also states that by 2001 Ocqueoc Schools were part of Rogers City Public Schools, not sure about this information, unless the Moltke Township School is listed with Rogers City.
The Glawe School was located in Sec. 5 of T.35N.-R3E at the intersection of Schaedig Highway and North Ocqueoc Road. The school opened in 1885. The first teacher there was Emma Platts.
From our pictures we find that there were three Glawe Schools on the same location. The first school was quite small.
The second school is shown in this week's picture, about 1908. The third Glawe School has been moved to Forty-Mile Point and nestled in a grove of pine trees. Check this one out this summer.
--Onaway Outlook January 10, 2014 pg. 3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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