Totem Pole Tales- Merchant School and
Silver Creek School
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook January 31, 2014

Caption #1: SILVER CREEK SCHOOL on Silver Creek Road.
width="400"height="300" Caption #2: A GROUP of students beside the Silver Creek School. Unfortunately we do not have the name of the students.
width="400"height="300" A small building from Valentine Island (Hammond Bay) was moved to the Gordon Merchant farm. It sat on the hillside north of the Merchant home in T35N, R3E, Sec. 3 in Bearinger Township, now part of Ocqueoc Township.
About 1917 the school was moved to its present location near Silver Creek and became known as the Silver Creek School. It is in T35N, R.3E, Sec. 2.
Some of the teachers were Lena Selke, Hulda Tober, Beatron Doolittle, Iva Doolittle and Nettie Doolittle. Mary Hodgett is listed as a director and W.A. Hathaway is listed as moderator.
Some of the students listed were Joessie Curtindale; Isabella and Norm Curtis; Inna and Wynn Doolittle; Bob, Frank, Grace, Ilo, Reginald and Leonard Flewelling; Edith and Pearl Heath; Ellsworth and Harry Irwin; the Kirkendall children, Beatrice, Charles, David, Ervin and Ralph Merchant; Regatta Smith; Charles, Herman, Hulda, Johney, Martha and Minnie Tober; and Dora, Helen, Henry and Julius Wyant.
--Onaway Outlook January 31, 2014 pg. 3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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