Totem Pole Tales- Valentine Island School
Coast Guard Station
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook January 24, 2014

Caption #1: A VIEW OF the U.S. Coast Guard Station on US-23, also known as Valentine Island.
width="600" Caption #2: THE VALENTINE SCHOOL with students Laura Whitten, Camella Whitten, Mary Thomson and Lucy Whitten.
width="600" The Valentine School was located at the U.S. Coast Guard Station on Hammond Bay. This school was in section 14. T.36N. R.3E. When it was built sometime before 1903, it was part of Bearinger Township. It later became part of Ocqueoc Township. This school was also known as the Hammond Bay School. The school served the children of the men who worked at the life saving station.
One teacher was hired to teach all four schools in Bearinger Township, three months in each school.
Margaret (Guinther)Freel was one of the teachers I interviewed. Her fond memory was eating lunch with the students on the beach of Hammond Bay. Some days the wind and high waves kept them inside.
Ethel Hayner and Nettie Doolittle are also listed as teachers at Hammond Bay.
Students listed at the Hammond Bay School are Opal Campbell; Laura Camella, Lucy Whitten and Mary Thomson.
The Valentine School was torn down in 1990.
--Onaway Outlook January 24, 2014 pg. 3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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