State Street looking West
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook October 10, 2014

Caption #1: The large elm in the background was still standing when the present post office was built.
This week's postcard was taken in front of Glen Eichorn's barbershop. We can see the Metropole has a new sign and one can see the four new Standard Oil gas pumps with their new globes.
The Mahoney Hardware later became the Burns Hardware and many other business that we will cover at a later time. The sign on the hardware says five miles to the state park.
The Onaway Light and Power is the last building on the right. Looking on the left side, one can see two very large elm stumps that the sidewalk was built around.
From the Onaway Outlook, October 10, 2014, page 6.
Retyped by J. Anderson

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