's Totem Pole Tales- American Wood Rim Company Trial July 1923
Totem Pole Tales- American Wood Rim Company Trial July 1923
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook July 26, 2013

CAPTION: THIS INVOICE was for 100 All Wood Cadillac Wheels.  It was used as an exhibit during the trial.
The American Wood Rim Company filed a Bill of Complaint on July 21, 1923. A permanent injunction was allowed, carrying judgment for costs. July 16, 1925. A Petition for Appeal – File August 21, 1925.
Conclusion – We respectfully submit, therefore, that the decree of the District Court was correct and should be affirmed, with costs. March 8, 1926. Decided October 5, 1926.
Fire January 14, 1926 Most newspaper articles one reads about the fire on January 14, 1926, say about the same thing. There was a strong southwest wind on this day. The fire broke out on the south end of the plant, in the sanding room. There was spontaneous combustion, but varying opinions as to the real cause.
When one looks at the dates of July 1923 the start of the trial, July 1925 permanent injunction allowed petition for appeal, August 1925 conclusion affirmed, with costs March 8, 1926. If one looks at the dates, the American Wood Rim Company had already moved to Alma when the final decision was made. Nowhere do we find information about the real cause of the fire. We do not find information as to an investigation. Was the law involved? Did we have a fire marshall? Did the American Wood Rim Company have insurance?
This writer, with lack of information, has to ponder, could there have been a conspiracy from the other side of the trial that may have caused the fire.
At the conclusion of the original trial and both appeals, it is stated that the judgment is for costs, loss of profit and damages. No amounts of costs are listed with any of the judgments. The only amounts listed are for the sales of the All Wood Wheels that Cadillac continued to make from Kenrick’s Patent in 1922, 1923, and 1924. The total sales lost by the American Wood Rim Company totaled over $1,250,000.
Lobdell’s first patent was for the Wood Steel-Lined Clincher Rim for bike wheels.
Lobdell’s second was for the Socket Hub Wheel, which was used for almost every steering wheel being made. Kenrick’s patent for the All Wood Steering Wheel was assigned to the American Wood Rim Company. These three patents alone backed up the slogan “Onaway Steers the World.”
-From The Onaway Outlook, July 26, 2013, p. 3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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