's Totem Pole Tales- The Red Woolen Hunting Coat
Totem Pole Tales-The Red Woolen Hunting Coat
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook November 30, 2012

Caption #1:  Faith Fitzpatrick 1952
width="600" Caption #2: Faith Chapman 2012
width="600" Going back to the opening day of deer season in 1952, we find a pretty lass bundled in a pair of sheepskin pilot flying pants and a red woolen hunting coat. There is a 300 Savage lying across her lap. She also has a thermos of coffee close beside her.
She is watching a runway near the Corn Hill Hunting Club, south of Millersburg, hoping to see a buck. Her brother, Ford Fitzpatrick, is not far away on his own runway.
Faith is paralyzed from the waist down from an accident at the Big Cut where her Mom was a cook at the time of the accident. The time span here is many years of operations and lying on her back or tummy with doctors telling her she wouldn't ever be able to sit up.
After six years of hospitals and doctors, Faith was able to use a wheelchair. From here she could not be held back. Her accomplishments are too many to list here. Aunt Faith learned to drive and had a car with hand controls.
Back to the runway. Faith's first deer was a six-point weighing 140 pounds. She took several deer over the years while sitting on this runway.
Faith had a special permit to shoot from her parked car. She never used it because she wanted to be in the woods. Faith's brother Ford and his hunting pals took turns carrying her to her favorite runway.
Faith was once asked by a news reporter what she would do if she saw a bear? Faith answered, "If he came too close I would just shoot him."
When health prevented Faith from going on a runway, she still could be found in her Mom's kitchen, helping to prepare food for the hungry hunters.
The Fitzpatrick home was the family hunting headquarters. Many fine bucks were hung from the buck pole between the huge maples in front of the Fitzpatrick home.
Four generations later the beautiful red woolen hunting coat that Faith is wearing in the picture can still be found on a runway. The hunting coat was passed on to a namesake, Faith Chapman, by her Uncle Chad.
Faith Chapman missed the first day this year because the Saginaw Valley State University doesn't understand what "Opening Day" is.
Faith has whacked a few bucks of her own and joined her family for the weekend hung. Faith is wearing her Great Aunt Faith's red woolen hunting coat.
-Onaway Outlook, November 30, 2012, p.3.
Retyped by J. Anderson.

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